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Great Styles Built To Last Outside!


All New Bold & Colorful Tribal Rugs


Modern Styles With Artistic Flairs


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Area Rug Styles: Contemporary Rugs, Traditional Rugs, Transitional Rugs, Shag Rugs,
Braided Rugs, Kitchen Rugs, Southwestern Rugs, Solid Rugs, Kids Rugs and Floral Rugs.
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Contemporary Rugs, Traditional Rugs, Area Rugs, and more from!

3 generations of experience! Our parent company Kaoud Oriental Rugs company has been in the area rug business in the New England Area since 1954. We are three generations strong and are the largest importer of area rugs, oriental rugs and Persian rugs in New England with 9 brick and mortar showrooms. We are dedicated to giving our customers the best value and customer service in the business. Not only do carry area rugs from USA - we also import carpets and rugs from countries around the world in many styles including contemporary rugs. Most of our Oriental Rugs are Wool Rugs but we also carry synthetic and sisal rugs braided rugs, kids rugs, shag rugs and bath rugs.

Area Rugs, Traditional Area Rugs, Contemporary Rugs, and more from : was established in 1999 with a commitment to providing consumers area rugs at discount rug prices. is a leader in online area rugs and has operations in Connecticut and Massachusetts. boasts three generations of experience in the rug industry. We are a family business with firm establishments in New England. We are currently working on a rug catalog which should be available this winter. The model is to provide affordable area rugs and to provide unsurpassed service and experience. sells ONLY first quality products directly from the manufacturer to your door and there is NEVER a charge for shipping within the continental USA. Extra shipping charges will apply for Alaska and Hawaii. Canadian customers please call 860-756-0959.

Quality Rugs & Area Rugs

All of the Area Rugs and Rugs we sell are guaranteed first quality and are shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door. Our top vendors include: Nourison, Momeni, Shaw Rugs, Couristan, Kas Oriental Rugs, Oriental Weavers Sphinx Dalyn Rugs and More! Rugsale also feature top quality braided rugs by name brands such as Colonial Mills (CMI) Rugs We DO NOT sell seconds or rejects. All are first quality. We are so confident in the quality that they come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!*

Rugs Ship Direct from the Manufacturer:

We have relationships with the biggest manufacturers in the industry. RugSale has a relationship with Momeni that goes back years. Ali Momeni started the company by bringing exquisite Persian carpets to the United States. Today Momeni is still a family company which means that from concept through production, a family member is there making sure that the highest quality standards are being met or exceeded. Nourison rivals Momeni as one of the best know area rug manufacturers in the country. Nourison Rugs is known as one of the market's most diversified producers and importers of handmade and hand tufted rugs. Today, Nourison has leveraged its unique design and production expertise to become a leader in both quality and diversity in design. A newer arrival on the scene is Safavieh. It's award-winning original collections range from fine antiques and reproductions to some truly progressive contemporary rug designs. Safavieh offers a wide variety of traditional, transitional and accents. Though they have become an industry leader in all types of flooring Shaw Rugs got its start in 1946 as Star Dye Company. They were a small company that dyed tufted scatter. The events that transformed the company into the one of the world's largest flooring manufacturer are too numerous to go into here, but the philosophy guiding those events, meeting customers, determine their needs, and supplying those needs has made Shaw who they are today. For over 80 years Couristan has been respected as a leader in style and quality for its exquisite area rugs. Founded in 1926 by Basil J. Couri and George J. Couri, Couristan, Inc. has been privately owned and operated by the Couri family for two generations.

30 Day Risk Free Trial: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your rug purchase you may exchange it or return it for a full refund within 30 days! Custom orders, clearance and Shags are not returnable.

Area Rugs: Pulling a Room Together
Area rugs serve many functions. They can be used to draw attention to one particular section of a room, like a fireplace. They can be used to cut a room into smaller, more manageable sections. They can even be used to pull a room, and all its furnishings and accessories together. Sometimes people decorate their homes by planning out a room, with a particular color palette and furniture type. This makes choosing an area rug fairly effortless, as the color and design are already decided. However, people often decorate as they go, collecting furniture and items over the years. Rugs have a way of solving the problem of mismatching furniture, accessories and colors. A solution to this problem could be to purchase an area rug with a stripes motif, including a variety of colors that encompass those in the room. For a less busy feel, the area rug can be more understated, including a solid, common color and motif that still has the affect of uniting a room without adding to the feeling of clutter. The style of rug can also change the tone of a room, from braided rugs that add a homey feel or an oriental style that add elegance. One way or the other, there's a place for area rugs in every kind of home, whether to accent a pre-planned room or pull a haphazard one into a warm and comforting home. There are hundreds of variations on themes and colors and styles, all ready to grace your home to your particular taste.
Materials for Rugs
Oriental carpets originated in nomadic cultures as durable, utilitarian objects recognized as a portable store of wealth. They were made of materials easily available to the nomads of Central Asia, which (since most of these tribes subsisted on sheep herding) meant sheep's wool. In the mountains of the Himalaya range, the fur obtained from mountain goats was occasionally used. As rug weaving spread to the sedentary peoples of Anatolia and Persia and finally to India, cotton (a variety native to India/Pakistan and widely cultivated throughout the ancient Near East) became available for weaving the foundation fabric. With rare exceptions, the knotted pile (or the flat exposed weave of a kilim) was still made of animal wools. Silk was introduced into Anatolia from China in the 6th Century AD, and became the material of choice for select high-quality rugs from certain workshops in Anatolia and Persia. The Mughal Emperors brought rug making to India in the 16th Century , and in the Vale of Kashmir, beautiful carpets were produced of pashmina (cashmere), the fine wool of the region's mountain goats. Today, rugs are typically woven of wool pile on a cotton foundation, with select fine rugs made of silk on cotton, silk on silk, or cashmere on wool. Some nomadic tribes continue to produce smaller pieces of wool on a wool foundation, reflecting the importance of shepherding to the nomadic lifestyle.
How Rugs are Constructed
Oriental rugs can be divided into two groups, knotted-pile and flatwoven. Either rug type starts with a foundation woven of two thread groups, the warp and the weft. The warp threads are pulled tight along the length of the loom, and the wefts are then snaked through the warps, alternating above and below each warp, producing a strong fabric. In a flatwoven rug, the weft threads comprise the visible surface and pattern of the rug.
Flatwoven rugs are generally referred to as kilims; these are generally smaller pieces and are best known from Turkey and the Caucasus. Another variant of the flatweave is the Soumak weave, a technique similar to embroidery that involves wrapping the weft threads around a group of warps to produce the desired pattern. The Soumak weave also originated in the Caucasus Mountains.
In knotted-pile rugs, the wool (or silk) pile is knotted around the warp threads producing one tuft of pile for each warp thread. Two primary knot types are used; the Persian (asymmetrical, Senneh) and the Turkish (symmetrical, Ghiordes) knot. The Persian knot places one tuft between each row of warp threads, while the Turkish knot places two tufts between one set of warps and skips the next set.
Once a row of knots is attached to the warps, a weft thread is passed through the warp and then packed down with a comb to tighten the pile. There are almost infinite variations on this basic scheme, from two wefts per row of knots, to periodic extra wefts to strengthen the rug, to knottings wrapped around multiple warp threads to speed the weaving process. A rug's origins can often be deduced on the basis of its weave and construction.
Spice up your home with rugs
Do you have any rooms that look a little dull which need a special touch? Are you on a budget but want something that doesn't look tacky and out of place? Well forget new paintings, forget new curtains and forget new floorboards for now, because there's a much cheaper (but effective) method of giving a room the perfect make over.
Believe it or not, rugs can benefit a room in many ways. They can add some many touches and give a room new life. Adding a simple rug can give a dull looking room a contemporary look or even a traditional theme depending on the design of the rug.
Rugs can not only serve a decorative purpose but can also provide indirect benefits like adding warmth to tiles, floor boards and concrete. Rugs can also be used to define a particular area of the room and make it stand out.
Choosing the perfect rug will depend on your particular situation, but the following will provide you with some general advise when choosing a rug to place in your home:

Rug Color
The color of the rug is one of the most important factors when selecting a rug. Sure it comes down to personal taste but as a general rule, if your walls are bright use darker colored rugs and the opposite is true if you have darker colored walls.

Rug Texture
Having a nice looking rug doesn't mean much if the material doesn't feel comfortable. Man stores have sample material, which you can touch to see if it feels right for you.

Rug Design
With so many different designs and patterns available, it won't be difficult finding a rug that you like. Keep in mind when choosing a design that a repetitive pattern or safe design will not define an area as much as a large unconventional design will.

Size Does Matter
All jokes aside, size certainly does matter in the case of rugs. When covering your floor with a rug, it's best to have the same amount of visible floor on all sides of the rug. Try to keep excess rug underneath coffee tables or furniture to a minimum, as you want the rug to characterize the coffee table/furniture and not the things around them.

Also when having multiple rugs in the same room, choose different sized rugs, as they do not segregate the look of the room as such.
Decorating a home with rugs is definitely an effective method though take your time in choosing the right rug as it can either make or break a room.

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