How remove to red wine stains on rug

Learn how to remove red wine stains on rug or carpet.

Having your family over for the holidays can be stressful. It gets worse when someone makes a mess that is hard to clean! Red wine stains on your rug and carpet can be the worst!

Three steps on how to remove red wine stains on rug

Step 1: You will need a clean cloth (preferably white) to blot up as much of the red wine stain from the rug as you can. Avoid vigorous rubbing of the wine stain. Focus on slowly working the stain and making sure to soak up as much wine as you can. The more of the stain you initially soak up, the less you’ll have to remove later with cleaning solutions.

Step 2: When you finish blotting the rug with your cloth, pour a small amount of cold water directly on the remaining red wine stain. Your goal is now to dilute what remains of the wine stain. The cold water will also make blotting the remaining wine stain on the rug easier. Continue blotting the area until no more stain will come out.

Step 3: Dilute the area with a mild soap and water. You need to just keep blotting the red wine stain! We always recommend testing a small area or spot on the rug first with this mild soap.

If all else has failed it is now time to look at rug cleaning solutions. offers a powerful & eco-friendly rug & fabric stain remover from Surya.

Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning for tougher stains

Surya rug and fabric cleaning kit can help remove stingy stains from your rugs caused by everyday mishaps. This product is eco-safe that can be used to help get out food, beverages, protein, grass, wine, grease, mildew, ink, crayon, blood, cosmetics and more!

Benefits of our professional rug cleaning kit:

Our solution cuts through tough oils, food and grease in your rug
Easily and safely remove stain from carpets
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