Decorating with Area Rugs
Shawn Limata Sep 19, 2016

Decorating with area rugs can be a fun way to add a splash of style to your rooms. Finding the perfect one to go alongside your furniture can create a warm, inviting feel is unmatched. There is a perfect area rugs in your desired shape, size and pattern if you just know how to look! To find the right one you simply need to plan and a vision of what you are looking for.

Picking sizes when decorating with area rugs

When decorating with area rugs the most important aspect is knowing how to choose the perfect size. You do not want to choose a rug that is too big and will engulf all of your flooring. On the flipside you also do not want to go with a rug that is so tiny that your space will starts looking awkward. You need to find the right balance by planning your space.

  • In living room spaces our advice is to have the front legs of your furniture on the rug and the back legs off.
  • Dining room rugs should have enough space around the table to comfortably fit the chair’s back legs on the rug when the chair is in use.
  • Smaller rugs without anchored furniture will make your room design feel unfinished and floating.

Be sure you measure your room and visualize how the area rug will be positioned. Charlie Kaoud, owner of, explains, “Most new designers forget to visualize the room layout and measure before buying a rug. You’re just asking for trouble when buying larger rugs without measuring first!” We recommend you use blue painters tape to layout your room and visualize your rugs size on your floors. Planning your room and knowing what sizes fit best is essential to any good room design. Your guests at your next party will be sure to compliment you on your fantastic design eye!

Choosing styles when decorating with area rugs

Your area rug can be the crown jewel and spotlight of your room. Choosing the right area rug style can be key to finishing your interior design. Proper color contrast can draw attention to the accents in your living space. Overmatching colors will create a bland design that you will shortly grow tired of and make accent furniture stand out too much. Our suggestion is to find a rug that will compliment your room’s style and buy it!

  • Pick a main room color and 3-4 accent colors that contrast/work together. Build your room and rug choice around your color palette.
  • Pick a design style and use it as the language of the room. Try to stick with the design and contrast with accent furniture.
  • Do not be afraid try mixing styles but be conscious you do not go overboard!

Be daring when it comes to decorating with area rugs. Go bold with your pattern choices and explore new colors. When decorating with area rugs you are trying to add a splash of something fun to your space. If you want animal print then try mixing in animal print rugs. If you want to mix up your color palette in the room just go for it! Be confident when decorating with area rugs. Mixing up different colors and patterns can be an easy way to improve your design!

Embrace your style when decorating with area rugs

Take chance, be bold and embrace risk. Your room design should be an extension of your personality. Choose colors and styles that fit your interior design goals. Remember to create a simple mockup of your room to get an idea of the final room design. You can always make changes where you see fit and it will allow you to stay focused. Do not be like your boring neighbors and make the mistake of going too safe with your colors and patterns. We say stand out! Now go buy that attention grabber you so desperately desire for your room.

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