Burgundy Red Rugs & Burgundy Red Area Rugs


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What colors work well with burgundy rugs? Burgundy rugs and red rugs work well with a variety of room colors. Burgundy rugs can enhance beige colored walls and furniture with a hint of brown really works well with darker red or burgundy rugs. Some of our more adventurous burgundy and red rug customers have even explored painting walls with richer shades of blue! You can also mix burgundy and red rugs with furniture featuring soft grays, cream colors and even beige. These colors provide your burgundy rugs a really elegant contrast. It's important to pair your rugs with colors that play off each other nicely. If you are really feeling bold you can explore golden accent furniture and moss green nick knacks to blend with your burgundy rugs! These gold and green colors will really pop when paired with your new burgundy & red rug.