Area Rugs

There is no limit to what can be done when you’re decorating with area rugs. Think now about decorating your home with new area rugs. Smaller size area rugs can define a cozy sitting area or a walkway. With larger sizes you can enhance your living room and add that perfect touch of elegance to your bedroom. Keep in mind these rugs are practical as well as decorative.

Keep in mind that rug pads are needed. Whether your new area rugs are placed over wall-to-wall carpeting, or wood flooring. The pads prevent the friction that wears the rug out from the bottom.

Be sure you like the look and the feel of your new rugs. Your choice of color and style are entirely up to your personal motif. You become the designer and have a good time taking charge of the motif and after final placement you feel a need to sign the design! The rugs you choose will speak volumes about your personal design style.

Area rugs are fun, creative and well worth the investment. Don’t limit your choices to all the same shape. Give thoughts to round and oval as well as the rectangular rugs purchased. Use the rugs themselves as a focal point or use them to accentuate your furniture. Don’t forget area rugs can also be used as wall hangings. The possibilities are endless!

Decorate with area rugs based on whatever your personal reasons are. If you want to accent your present living area – start now! If you need to cover up existing flooring that is damaged or does not bring out the best of your living area – start now! No matter what your goals are, new area rugs will look great and bring an added level of sophistication to your home.

Before your actually go out and shop a good idea is to take pictures of the rooms you want the rugs in for color matches and placement. Also measure the room, the furniture and the area you want the rug placed. It is imperative to know what size rug you need to buy before it gets home and is the wrong size! There are computer programs that you can use to scale all measurements in and toy with design. If this is not available to you then just stay with the good old pencil, paper and tape measure. This will help you compute the actual sizes of the rugs you will actually need.