How To Choose A Rug Pad

How to Choose a Rug Pad

Rug Pads

Rug pads are used to keep area rugs safe, comfortable and beautiful. A rug pad is a simple way to add extra protection to your rug.

In addition to extra cushion underfoot, rug pads provide the safety of a stable, non-slip surface that helps prevent rugs from sliding around. Pads also keep rugs smooth, flat and wrinkle-free for added beauty and ease of vacuuming. Best of all rug pads help reduce wear, which can extend the life of your rugs for many years to come.

RugSale offers a wide selection of rug pads for any shape and size of rug.

Why should you use a rug pad?

  • Rug pads provide non-slip for safety (no skateboarding)
  • Rug pads keep your rugs flat, smooth and free of wrinkles
  • Rug pads makes vacuuming your rugs easier
  • A rug pad can extends the life of your rugs by reducing the wear
  • A rug pad adds a nice layer of cushion or firmness for your feet


Non-Skid Rubber Rug Padding

Keep your rugs securely in place with non-skid rubber padding.non-skid-rug-padding
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Felt and Rubber Rug Padding

Padding that offers comfort & protection for your rug & floor.felt-rubber-rug-padding
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Felt Rug Padding

Padding helps protect your floors and your rug.felt-rug-padding
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RugSale can help you find the perfect rug pad for your home.

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