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Rug Contest

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Coupon Sign Up

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For taking a few moments to sign up for our latest coupon code. Customers have saved up to 26% on their order. The best prices and largest selection online just got better. This coupon promotion isn’t always available, and not all manufacturers‡ participate. Contact us with your questions, or to place orders directly with Customer Care.

In Addition to your instant savings you will also receive:

  • Future Coupon Codes and Discounts
  • A Special 5-course rug seminar
  • Access to our on-hand Color Expert / Interior Designer
  • Videos on how to care for your rug(s)
  • Access to some of the best name-brand rugs you’ll find today online
  • Considered a Premier Member with for future promotions






‡Manufacturers that do not participate: Nourison, Capel, Dalyn, Trans Ocean, Surya, Oriental Weavers Sphinx, Momeni

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Do You Like Us?

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Well thank you!  It’s an exciting time and thought we would make it more exciting. is having a fun little contest to promote our new Official RugSale Page on Facebook.

Terms & Conditions:

It’s really simple. will randomly choose from all our visitors that  “LIKE” us on Facebook.  To be eligible you must have a Facebook account, and have selected the “LIKE” option on our page.  We will randomly select a winner on April 15th, 2011, and notify you via Facebook.  Millions may enter. Few will win. Your privacy will be honored at all times, unless you grant permission to which will feature the winner(s).


If You Don’t Have Facebook:

That’s okay, you can still be eligible.  Have a family member or friend “LIKE” us on Facebook, and then Contact Us with your Name, Phone Number, Email, and the Name of the Person that clicked LIKE for you.  No way, they won’t win the rug, but YOU might!


If You Already Have Facebook:

Then you’ve got everything you need!  Just click this link to the Official RugSale Page on Facebook and sign in.  The “LIKE” button should be easy to locate.  Clicking it will put you in the drawing for your free Rug.


Hey, I Have Twitter:

That’s outstanding.  We have Twitter also.  Unfortunately this promotion is for Facebook only.  You should still Contact Us and let us know you really want us to run some promotions on Twitter.  You know we will…


I’m Confused, What Can I Win?

Great question.  You can win a Free Rug.   Even better is you get to choose which rug you would like if your name is selected.  Please see the images below if you still weren’t sure if you should participate.  These are all 5′ x 8′ rugs, which would compliment almost any room in your house or apartment.


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Return Authorization Request

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